Mesa’s puppies on their fifth day.

Enjoy the video and pictures below. If you listen carefully you will hear Stephanie call one of the puppies by name. When the pups are seven days old we will reveal our theme for this litter and the name assigned to each pup. Of course, we do not require people to keep these names, but it personalizes each pup for the time they are with us.

Did you hear it?
Sable females
Sable bobtail females
Sable long tailed females
Tri colored long tailed females
Long tailed males
Sable bobtail male

Sorry for the squirmy pictures, but I’ve been receiving a lot of pressure to post individual pictures. We want to remind people that we don’t sell puppies strictly by looks in a picture. Our most important objective is to match puppy and owner, weighing temperament/drive first then the decorations; size, color, tail length. We do everything we can to match these qualities to prospective owners and try wherever possible to give a choice of several puppies. We want our puppy families happy for the entire life of their future dog.

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