Mesa x Gizmo Week One

The epitome of our feelings; complete exhaustion

I sit here contemplating what to say and where to begin. My first thought is prayer and thanksgiving. We have been very blessed to have such a beautiful litter. Although our trials are real, there is so much going on in our country and the world as a whole. Before I begin I want to pray for all of those affected by the massive fires in the west. The devastation and loss is inconceivable as I sit in my safe home untouched by the horrors. May hearts turn toward the Lord. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. Psalm20:7

Stephanie holding the puppies after weighing, eating, cleaning, and their first nail trim.

This post is going to be incomplete today. Our computer crashed and is presently at the repair shop. Apparently, the hard drive passed inspection, but something is not allowing the computer to access it. Our prayer is that tomorrow the troubles are reparable and we will get to enjoy the 1,000’s of photos of our family and farm from the last seven years. Additionally, there will be no individual pictures, names and biographies of each pup as promised.

Puppy Culture Mother’s pudding

As promised we are chronicling our Puppy Culture journey. Considering the number of pups, their birth weight’s, the supplementation and the days of stress as we awaited Mesa’s milk to come, we have postponed ENS Early Neurological Stimulation. The pups all had successful nail trims today which should provide Mesa a little more comfort while nursing. The puppies should have doubled their birth weight by today, none have quite made it. We will continue to weigh daily as a part of Puppy Culture and to make sure no one falls behind.

Ravine in her misery

We wait another day, expectantly wondering when the blessed event will occur. Ravine skipped breakfast this morning, fried eggs in bacon grease, I thought it was a good sign her confinement would soon end…,nope, not today. Have a good night and feel free to remember a safe delivery plea in your prayers.

6 Replies to “Mesa x Gizmo Week One”

  1. Thank you for those prayers! While not directly affected by fire many of my family in Oregon are evacuated.
    Prayers for continued puppy success!

  2. So nice to see scripture! And I’m sure joining with you in prayer over the wildfire areas.
    I would love to hear about the pups and who may be available. I’m praying Mom and her pups thrive together .

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