Introducing Ravine/Gizmo “9/11 We Remember” Litter

On Friday, 9/11/2020, Ravine gave birth to her second litter of puppies. She started at 6:43A.M. and kept going slow and steady until 8:11 P.M. when her 13th pup was born. Copying Mesa with 10 females and 3 males. One of her smaller female pups was born with meconium staining, and must have aspirated some. She did well until midway through the night when she started fading. So, we have 9 females and 3 males for an even dozen. All the pups and Ravine are doing very well, gaining weight, and she is being an excellent mom so far.

6 sables, and 6 black/whites/tri’s
Happy Momma and her content brood. There are 4 Longtails, and 8 Bobtails.

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