Puppy Culture Firsts Going Outside

The weather has been absolutely delightful. Very cool nights with warm sunny afternoons. So, after a busy, fun filled weekend and a exhausting day trip, I needed some grounding time. What better opportunity to take twelve busy sweet bumpkins for their first exposure to the great outdoors.

Out we go!
Rosa was the first to tumble and toddle off the blanket.
Cat giving all the pups a chance to experience the grass.

Quickly, we found the stress a bit much, and helped the pups back to the familiarity of the blanket. All this could not be done without the help of the girls! Hannah and Stephanie were off screen and Cat is a wonderful assistant.

Puppy cries for comfort

Well, then the hard part came, for a good 45 minutes we talked and cuddled puppies in the sunshine. Cedar came by a couple of times and tried to mother the puppies, but Mesa has no tolerance for her right now. After her banishment she begrudgingly gave Mesa the safety bubble she demands and we all settled in for some deep relaxation. Even Sarah and Cara were able to join us when they got home from work for the day.

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