Puppy Culture Neonatal Period

We have purchased the Puppy Culture program to help us prepare the puppies we raise to become better canine citizens. By nature we have done some of these things, but our goal is to be proactive in the best timing and setting for the puppies.

We even recruited our out of state guests in helping with Puppy Culture Protocols.

Initially we postponed the Early Neurological Stimulation – ENS due to the number of puppies and their struggles in the first week while Mesa established her milk supply. On day eight we began to institute the ENS protocols. Here is a chart of their first eight days.

Mesa x Gizmo “Faces of America” litter through day eight.

Of course, after I’ve messed up numerous times, I read the suggestion in the workbook to chart in pencil. Between the excitement of new puppies and the anticipation of Ravine’s litter, along with the supplementing and care the first week was pretty much a blur making sure we learned which puppy was which! With the advent of week two we began to formulate a rhythm to the process of weighing and implementing the ENS protocols.

Each puppy daily received a three-five count on their backs (supine position), here is “Katherine Johnson”.

Here is a link that explains the purpose and instruction of each protocol.

Holding “Sacajawea” in the head down position
Here “Sacajawea” is receiving the thermal stimulation.

We most certainly didn’t perform all the protocols perfectly, but I will say we have a pile of very sweet, calm, receptive puppies that just fall asleep in your hands on their backs now.

The completion of ENS

The puppies are now toddling around so we’ve tried to designate sleeping and potty areas. With this size of litter I think it is a little more difficult. Although they can all fit on their bumper pad nest, they often overflow onto the pee pads which isn’t making the delineation between clean and dirty as concrete. Overall, they are doing a good job of trying to clear the nest to do their business.

Puppies in their bumper bed and evidence of baby attempts at eliminating out of the nest.
Mareya and Cat bottle feeding a couple of puppies before bedding change…, again!
Mesa topping the puppies off

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