Puppy Culture Firsts: Lapping From a Bowl

“Katherine Johnson” was struggling with her bottle feeding when the nipple got plugged from the yogurt in the formula. We had been planning on introducing the litter to the bowl later in the day, but this was a good first opportunity for us. With Hannah’s assistance, Katherine caught on quickly.

“Katherine Johnson”

We were encouraged by several more experienced breeders to use The Leerburg puppy formula https://leerburg.com/bottlefeeding.htm over The Puppy Culture recipe. We have been blessed to find a local goat farm that we are bartering our homegrown pastured raised broiler chickens for raw goat milk. We use whole milk yogurt, raw egg yolks, Karo Syrup and the raw goat milk, the puppies love it! I’ve been wanting the stainless puppy feeding pans, but I felt they were quite large for such young pups. Providentially, I was at Menard’s the other night while the girls were in town for youth group and I found these smaller feeding pans; https://www.menards.com/main/pet-wildlife/pet-food-bowls-food-storage-mats/van-ness-slow-feeder-stainless-pet-dish/sssf1/p-1567060215626-c-8330.htm The two smaller pans cost less than one large one and have the rubber rim to help hold it in place. Honestly, the stainless is plenty heavy and should last for a long time to come….,with care; not if we run them over with the tractor! We use the regular Leerburg stainless dog bowls, but tractor abuse is not covered under warranty.

Formula supplies

We were so successful with Katherine we decided to give the whole litter a chance during outside time.

Stephanie basking in puppy kisses while I warmed their formula.
Puppies trying to find the goods all over Hannah
Drawing the puppies to the milk formula
Puppies eating their fill

Well, what a successful mess! We were glad to feed them outside, but as much as I had hoped with the smaller bowls the puppies still were a sticky milk covered mess. So, a bedding switch while the puppies were out, then a sponge bath before they were settled.

Clean content puppies all snuggled in

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