Hog Butchering

Saturday morning we butchered our first hog. Brian stunned the pig, he and Sarah got him tied to the bucket of Sarah’s tractor. Then Brian lifted the bucket, Sarah slit his throat to have him bleed out.

Hannah and Sarah washing and scrubbing the pig.

We had hoped to do a hog roast, but we don’t have the right set up or knowledge. None of us wanted to risk the pig catching on fire and we couldn’t locate any experienced help. So, we opted to just skin the pig this time.

Sarah readying the pig for gutting.

After gutting and setting aside a bunch of goodies for the dogs. Sarah set to work skinning the pig. Then Brian lowered the pig for cutting.

Sarah cutting off the hocks.

Then we set to work cutting out the pork tenderloins and removing shoulders, belly and hams.

Sarah prepping cuts for Brian and the Sawzall.
We cut and cleaned the meat into portions for roasting.

We cut up some scraps for the dogs and took the organs and other delicacies to the house to cut up and freeze for the dogs in the future. We also washed the pigs feet, head, and ears for the dogs. The English Shepherds will get some along with the big dogs on Raw Tuesdays, our regular raw feeding day. The Livestock Guardian Dogs all got a foot when we finished. We were very pleased to have everything cleaned up by 11 a.m.

Roxie enjoying her pig’s foot in the privacy of the porch.
Moof the hoarder, after I returned the others to Baron and Nova.
Nova enjoying her returned prize.
Harry Wonder “Baron” munching away.

I couldn’t stand how much blown coat was matted on Baron. So, after a visit from a friend to socialize puppies, poor Baron’s number came up. He was so very good with all the brushing. It really came out nice and thankfully Sarah joined me later for the better part of an hour.

One trimmed, defloofed dog ready for a party this coming Saturday.

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