Kennel Patio

Recently we have been fostering a new plan to; ease mowing, avoid mud pits at the entry, deter digging and make our outdoor kennel more appealing to the eye. While we are grateful for the functionality, we’ve felt the need for improvements. Presently, we do have the ability to lock the dogs in the very large concrete area of the indoor/outdoor kennel. While, if we allow, the dogs can have access to a safe grassy play area when we are otherwise engaged. Now is the time for an upgrade.

The take down

Fortunately for us, we have Brian who is our workhorse that gets things done. I on the other hand, conjure up all kinds of plans to keep him busy.

Puppies ready for expansion

We have been blessed by a beautiful spring. Unfortunately, all good things do have their limits and that includes temperate weather. The puppies have figured out that air conditioning is preferable to heat and humidity and beg to be back inside. Considering there are fourteen, there is not enough play space in the living room for them all day. What these pups really need is a safe space where they can run and play or rest safely in the shade when supervision is unavailable.

Laying the blocks

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, Brian will reassemble the fencing while Cara and I will be traveling to pick up her Haflinger, Sonya after getting bred. Stephanie will be in charge of puppy duty. Thankfully, she has really begun to take initiative in the care of the pups, which frees others to pursue other tasks.

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