Puppy Bath Time

Mesa is doing a great job with the pups, but some days 14 can be a bit much. Today we decided to assist with the bathing. The puppies are pottying on their own and when we have them separated in two groups Mesa can’t get to some for clean up maintenance. So, Hannah, Stephanie and I bathed the whole brood. They were very good and only a couple fussed a little when they were getting their clean Velcro collars put on.

Hannah and Stephanie enjoying the process.

Below was the reaction by nearly every single puppy.


Heavenly Oaks Ravine

Ravine is our 2017 clear sable female who came from Prairie Creek Shepherds in Wyoming. She has been a wonderful dog from the moment we first saw her. She is a fabulous companion, traveler, and friend. She loves every person she meets. While she has plenty of energy to run around and play on the farm, she’ll immediately calm down, and is the perfect house dog. Our Livestock Guardian Dogs learned to watch the sky for aerial predators from Ravine.

Ravine has been tested clear on the Embark Dog Panel. She has not had her hips scored.

Ravine as a pup
Ravine’s dam, Brome of Prairie Creek
Ravine’s sire, Spur of Prairie Creek
Ravine and her May 2019 litter, the Daring Dozen.
Ravine has beautiful conformation, a nice upright build, with square legs, and excellent movement.
Our gorgeous girl, so fun loving and sweet!

Gizmo Under the Rainbow

Gizmo is owned by Hannah, our seventh of eight children. He is her right hand man and chore buddy. Gizmo would give his life for his girl should any of the stock go rogue. Although our property is only 25 acres, it is one half mile long, leaving Hannah often out of hearing.

Hannah and Gizmo

Gizmo would love to work stock, but most of ours come when they’re called. He has proven himself useful, returning escapees to the correct field or convincing a cow to go through a gate. He naturally heals, but will head in a heartbeat. Gizmo is full of grit and short on fear.

Gizmo watching the cows as Hannah checks them.

Gizmo has also been shown in 4h. He is quite the man in showmanship if, he resists the urge to take the leash in his mouth and haul Hannah around the ring. He performs well in obedience except when he decidesHannah has gotten too far away and reasons he must protect her instead of staying so far from her. Lastly, thinks agility is sort of ridiculous. Especially he wonders, what is the purpose of those jumps? Gizmo does everything with a bang. Don’t get me wrong, he is very biddable and loves to please his girl…, his way.

Hannah and Gizmo showing at the 4h fair

So, you ask, why are you using this goofball for a stud.? The answer is, Gizmo may not be perfect, but his drive, loyalty, and desire are phenomenal! This boy does everything with gusto. He would shine, with proper training, on a cattle ranch or such. He loves to work and wants desperately to please. He is my right hand man on nighttime lambing checks. He gives me a safe bubble to work, staying out of the barn yet, always on watch. When I’m done he makes sure he brings me safely to the house, often pulling me by the coat in his excitement of what a good guard dog he has been.

Gizmo checking sheep

Importantly, Gizmo has excellent health records. His Embark DNA panel came back clear/non carrier of all genetically tested diseases. He also scored very well on his PennHip with scores of .29/.28. The only issue that has beset him is discoid lupus erythematosus, also known as Collie nose. This is an auto immunity that he struggled with when we were having mold issues in our home. Since we have remediated the problem he has shown no signs of blistering on his nose. We were apprehensive of using him, but at this point there is no definable genetic link and our veterinarian was in support of us letting him stand at stud.