Supplementing Mesa x Gizmo’s Pups

Cat feeding with Brian helping puppies void

The puppies are gaining, but not as quickly or as consistently as we would expect compared to a smaller litter. Cat’s super power is getting the puppies to eat at a good rate. So, we put Brian to work stimulating the puppies to void before putting them back to rest. Mesa could do a little better keeping them clean so we switched the Early Neurological Stimulation cold to a scrub with a nice warm cloth. We want the pups to associate clean smells among themselves so they void out of the nest as soon as they’re ready.

Introducing Ravine/Gizmo “9/11 We Remember” Litter

On Friday, 9/11/2020, Ravine gave birth to her second litter of puppies. She started at 6:43A.M. and kept going slow and steady until 8:11 P.M. when her 13th pup was born. Copying Mesa with 10 females and 3 males. One of her smaller female pups was born with meconium staining, and must have aspirated some. She did well until midway through the night when she started fading. So, we have 9 females and 3 males for an even dozen. All the pups and Ravine are doing very well, gaining weight, and she is being an excellent mom so far.

6 sables, and 6 black/whites/tri’s
Happy Momma and her content brood. There are 4 Longtails, and 8 Bobtails.

Heavenly Oaks Ravine

Ravine is our 2017 clear sable female who came from Prairie Creek Shepherds in Wyoming. She has been a wonderful dog from the moment we first saw her. She is a fabulous companion, traveler, and friend. She loves every person she meets. While she has plenty of energy to run around and play on the farm, she’ll immediately calm down, and is the perfect house dog. Our Livestock Guardian Dogs learned to watch the sky for aerial predators from Ravine.

Ravine has been tested clear on the Embark Dog Panel. She has not had her hips scored.

Ravine as a pup
Ravine’s dam, Brome of Prairie Creek
Ravine’s sire, Spur of Prairie Creek
Ravine and her May 2019 litter, the Daring Dozen.
Ravine has beautiful conformation, a nice upright build, with square legs, and excellent movement.
Our gorgeous girl, so fun loving and sweet!

Gizmo/Mesa “The Faces of America” Litter

We chose “The Faces of America” as a hopeful reminder of what makes the United States “us”. Our nation is truly a melting pot to rejoice. People of every kingdom, tribe, and nation coming together with all the their diversity of gifts, talents, and work ethic, all to better each of our life’s circumstances. This is who we are, fallen people who sin and stand upright. One nation under God with liberty and justice for ALL. May we all love our neighbor’s as ourselves.

Sojourner Truth “Journey” Sable Longtail Female. An abolitionist and women’s rights activist who won her son’s freedom as the first black woman to succeed in court against a white man.
Rosa Parks “Rosa” Tri-color Longtail Female Named by Congress as “the first lady of civil rights and the mother of the freedom movement”. She is most well known for refusing to give her seat on the bus in Montgomery Alabama to a white passenger.
Katherine Johnson “Katherine” Tri-color Longtail Female. One of three black students to be the first to integrate West Virginia’s graduate school. After much work at NASA went on to supply the calculations necessary to link the Apollo Lunar Module with the lunar orbiting Command and Service Module.
Sacagawea Sable Bob-tail Female Her vast knowledge and ingenuity was the saving grace of Lewis & Clark’s expedition.
Clara Barton “Clara” Sable Longtail Female A hospital nurse during the Civil war who went on to be the founder and first president of the Red Cross.
Mary Musgrove “Mary” Sable Bob-tail Female A pivotal biracial English/Native American woman that used her mixed heritage and language skills to help negotiate between Native American and English communities in Colonial Georgia.
Booker T. Washington “Booker” Sable Bob-tail Male Last of a generation of Black American leaders born into slavery that was the voice of the former slaves and their descendants. He served as advisor to multiple presidents of the US and was an educator, author and orator.
Abigail Adams “Abigail” Sable Longtail Female Abigail is sometimes considered to be a founder of the United States of America due to her vast written interchange on government and politics in her copious letters to her husband, the second president of the United States, John Adams and mother of later president John Quincy Adams.
Harriet Tubman “Harriet” Tri-color Longtail Female An escaped American slave who worked as an abolitionist freeing approximately 70 slaves through the Underground Railroad.
Pocahontas Sable Bob-tail Female Pocahontas and her people were instrumental in helping the people of Jamestown establish as a colony.
William Bradford “Bradford” Sable Longtail Male Bradford was one of the framers of the historic Mayflower Compact, a set of rules for self-governance established by the English settlers. Bradford knew life without laws could prove catastrophic and to ensure a functioning social structure for society his leadership was instrumental in forming the precursor of a government for the people and by the people.
Chief Joseph “Chief” Sable Longtail Male The Nez Perce chief who replied “From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever” as his dilapidated tribe of mostly women and children surrendered to the U.S. Calvary. Chief Joseph lead one of the most noted trails of battle. For three months the Nez Perce out maneuvered the US Calvary traveling over 1,170 miles and ending only 40 miles from the Canadian Border.

Mesa x Gizmo Week One

The epitome of our feelings; complete exhaustion

I sit here contemplating what to say and where to begin. My first thought is prayer and thanksgiving. We have been very blessed to have such a beautiful litter. Although our trials are real, there is so much going on in our country and the world as a whole. Before I begin I want to pray for all of those affected by the massive fires in the west. The devastation and loss is inconceivable as I sit in my safe home untouched by the horrors. May hearts turn toward the Lord. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. Psalm20:7

Stephanie holding the puppies after weighing, eating, cleaning, and their first nail trim.

This post is going to be incomplete today. Our computer crashed and is presently at the repair shop. Apparently, the hard drive passed inspection, but something is not allowing the computer to access it. Our prayer is that tomorrow the troubles are reparable and we will get to enjoy the 1,000’s of photos of our family and farm from the last seven years. Additionally, there will be no individual pictures, names and biographies of each pup as promised.

Puppy Culture Mother’s pudding

As promised we are chronicling our Puppy Culture journey. Considering the number of pups, their birth weight’s, the supplementation and the days of stress as we awaited Mesa’s milk to come, we have postponed ENS Early Neurological Stimulation. The pups all had successful nail trims today which should provide Mesa a little more comfort while nursing. The puppies should have doubled their birth weight by today, none have quite made it. We will continue to weigh daily as a part of Puppy Culture and to make sure no one falls behind.

Ravine in her misery

We wait another day, expectantly wondering when the blessed event will occur. Ravine skipped breakfast this morning, fried eggs in bacon grease, I thought it was a good sign her confinement would soon end…,nope, not today. Have a good night and feel free to remember a safe delivery plea in your prayers.

Mesa’s puppies on their fifth day.

Enjoy the video and pictures below. If you listen carefully you will hear Stephanie call one of the puppies by name. When the pups are seven days old we will reveal our theme for this litter and the name assigned to each pup. Of course, we do not require people to keep these names, but it personalizes each pup for the time they are with us.

Did you hear it?
Sable females
Sable bobtail females
Sable long tailed females
Tri colored long tailed females
Long tailed males
Sable bobtail male

Sorry for the squirmy pictures, but I’ve been receiving a lot of pressure to post individual pictures. We want to remind people that we don’t sell puppies strictly by looks in a picture. Our most important objective is to match puppy and owner, weighing temperament/drive first then the decorations; size, color, tail length. We do everything we can to match these qualities to prospective owners and try wherever possible to give a choice of several puppies. We want our puppy families happy for the entire life of their future dog.

Gizmo Under the Rainbow

Gizmo is owned by Hannah, our seventh of eight children. He is her right hand man and chore buddy. Gizmo would give his life for his girl should any of the stock go rogue. Although our property is only 25 acres, it is one half mile long, leaving Hannah often out of hearing.

Hannah and Gizmo

Gizmo would love to work stock, but most of ours come when they’re called. He has proven himself useful, returning escapees to the correct field or convincing a cow to go through a gate. He naturally heals, but will head in a heartbeat. Gizmo is full of grit and short on fear.

Gizmo watching the cows as Hannah checks them.

Gizmo has also been shown in 4h. He is quite the man in showmanship if, he resists the urge to take the leash in his mouth and haul Hannah around the ring. He performs well in obedience except when he decidesHannah has gotten too far away and reasons he must protect her instead of staying so far from her. Lastly, thinks agility is sort of ridiculous. Especially he wonders, what is the purpose of those jumps? Gizmo does everything with a bang. Don’t get me wrong, he is very biddable and loves to please his girl…, his way.

Hannah and Gizmo showing at the 4h fair

So, you ask, why are you using this goofball for a stud.? The answer is, Gizmo may not be perfect, but his drive, loyalty, and desire are phenomenal! This boy does everything with gusto. He would shine, with proper training, on a cattle ranch or such. He loves to work and wants desperately to please. He is my right hand man on nighttime lambing checks. He gives me a safe bubble to work, staying out of the barn yet, always on watch. When I’m done he makes sure he brings me safely to the house, often pulling me by the coat in his excitement of what a good guard dog he has been.

Gizmo checking sheep

Importantly, Gizmo has excellent health records. His Embark DNA panel came back clear/non carrier of all genetically tested diseases. He also scored very well on his PennHip with scores of .29/.28. The only issue that has beset him is discoid lupus erythematosus, also known as Collie nose. This is an auto immunity that he struggled with when we were having mold issues in our home. Since we have remediated the problem he has shown no signs of blistering on his nose. We were apprehensive of using him, but at this point there is no definable genetic link and our veterinarian was in support of us letting him stand at stud.

Our Tiny Warrior

Starting at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday September 3, 2020 Mesa gave birth to her first puppy. By 8:00 a.m. she was the slightly overwhelmed mama of 13 puppies. Until the last two puppies, the total was 10 to 1 in favor of the girls. One little girl was half the size of her average litter mate. As expected one fourth of the pups were tri-colored and the others are all sable and white.

Early on it was quite apparent our tiny warrior was going to need a little extra help. She was vigorous, but without putting part of the litter in a warming box alongside, she could not get to the milk bar. Little Miss Mighty had a great suck reflex and was determined to make it in this world. We wanted to help her along and began supplementing her with some stored colostrum we had for emergencies in the freezer. She quickly learned to suck on a colostrum filled makeup sponge. Before noon of her second day, she was doing great and had regained her lost birth weight. Just after I left working near the puppies, Mesa came to me in the kitchen. I followed her back to the puppies in the next room and immediately saw that our special little girl was no longer with us. We all felt grieved, but are trusting that God’s will is best.

Saturday was very physically challenging. Much of the family had gone up to meet our older sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren for a canoe trip on the Wisconsin river. Cat and I kept rotating puppies, trying to help Mesa relax and encouraging puppies to eat the stored colostrum while waiting for Mesa’s milk to come in. Friends came alongside to bring needed supplies and help with the puppies care. It became apparent by evening that we had to make formula with the raw goat milk and begin bottle feeding. A few of the puppies were becoming dehydrated. Bottle feeding was time consuming as we tried to learn together. Some puppies were more cooperative than others and actually began gobbling their formula.

By 11 p.m. Cat, her friends and I had the puppies settled in, and off to bed they went. By the time I finished the last cleanup I only had an hour before I had to begin again. Since my proficiency lacked; by the time I fed the last pup, took Mesa out for a potty break, cleaned up the bottles and supplies, it was time to start all over. Finally, I thought I was going to get back to bed when the weather became threatening. Thankfully, Cat climbed out of bed and we scrambled to care for the rest of the animals on the farm. Lo and behold, by the time we finished it was time to bottle feed, again! After some success, off to bed I finally went for a short nap.

Church time was spent feeding puppies while streaming our service. By this time more puppies were refusing the bottle. Thank you Lord, Mesa’s milk was truly in. Cat and her friends went to town and not terribly later, the family was back at home. Life suddenly was calm. The puppies were full and Mesa felt settled with her people back.

We have not supplemented at all today, hoping Mesa establishes a good milk supply. Our early evening weighing of the pups showed gains for all. A couple of the smaller ones need a few of their more aggressive siblings to take a break so, they’re resting in a basket under the heat lamp.

Litter | Mesa x Gizmo Fall 2020

Prairie Creek’s Good Seed Mesa x Gizmo Under the Rainbow, are expecting September 5,2020. Gizmo and Mesa are both clear/non carriers of any genetic diseases tested by EMBARK. Gizmo’s PennHip is .29/.28, Mesa’s is .37/.41. Both dogs participate in 4H Obedience, Showmanship, and Agility. Gizmo is a very active, all in, working dog. Our sheep and cows come when called, but he is all grit when he’s been asked to help. Heading or heeling he has no fear and keeps our girls safe when in with the stock. Mesa has a guarding/tending temperament. We expect these dogs to mature into level headed, biddable, working companions.

Contact us using the form below if you’d like to talk about a puppy from this litter.